I am considered to be a mature provider. I would best be described as someone who enters the room quietly, but commands it immediately. I have a sincere sense of humility which is part of my charm, as well as my wisdom.

I enjoy reflective time spent in nature, and I have always been heavily involved in animal rescue.

I have chosen in part to be a courtesan because of the unpredictable excitement. I simply adore intimacy, and I always treat every encounter as a date. I simply love the electricity in the air, and how everything is charged with meaning and laughter as we enter a state of mutual infatuation. I am attracted to a variety of interesting, sensitive men who are passionate about life. It is a beautifully unencumbered encounter where both parties get to be at their best.

I am very giving of myself, spiritually, mentally, and physically...so respect, and chivalry are always richly rewarded.