Your VIP Las Vegas Hostess And Model

Your VIP Las Vegas Hostess And Model

Your VIP Las Vegas Hostess And ModelYour VIP Las Vegas Hostess And ModelYour VIP Las Vegas Hostess And Model

Your Femme Fatale


My Persona

Consideration & Compatibility

Consideration & Compatibility

Your intellectual sparring partner, dynamic conversationalist, and all around compelling distraction... I'm Kayla

I am a mature, highly reputable Las Vegas companion.  I am in my mid-forties, 5'9'', 135 lbs, 34DDD, and of Scandinavian/Viking decent.

I am vegan and do I not partake of alcohol, smoking, or drugs of any kind.  Feel confidant that you will be in the hands of a beautiful woman with a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  

I am empathic, deeply spiritual, and animals are my first love.  I have been involved in animal rescue since childhood, and I know many of you are as well.  I really love it when you share stories and photos of your furry angels.

When we're together, you're my world.  I offer acceptance, eroticism, and true GFE.

 I can be a wicked temptress, an intuitive goddess, or a delightful minx and enjoy every moment of it.

Let me invite you into the most intimate of experiences.  How we spend our time will be driven by our connection and desires.   

I will pull you closer if you're feeling stormy and passionate.  I will giggle and dance with you if you're feeling lighthearted and fun.

I relish the intoxication of a burning look and the shiver of desire that comes from brushing my knee gently against yours.

While we're together, it's just us.  Confide in me, let me stroke your skin and let's talk about the world, or simply share comfortable silence.

You have already found me, so now everything to follow is all about you.

I see you, I know you, I want you.

Yours, Kayla XO

Consideration & Compatibility

Consideration & Compatibility

Consideration & Compatibility

 I am still taking appointments as I am involved in animal rescue and have 12 animals in my care. I am also accepting donations at $thekaylakat (Cash App)

Las Vegas Outcall Rates. (No Incall Available)

My rates are all inclusive, and no further fees apply.

 I am offering an incentive for a short time, an additional 30 minutes will be awarded to any scheduled appointment at no charge.

Gifts and gratuity are never expected, but always appreciated.

Appointments are offered between 9am-9pm.  

* Wet Your Appetite: 

1 hour / 300

* A Wink & A Smile:

1.5 hour / 400

* Private Interludes: Time to Relax & Release:

2 hours / 500

* The Great Escape: Time To Dine, Paint The Town & More:

3 hours / 700

4 hours / 900

My ideal rendezvous is a blend of social & intimate time.

I simply adore couples, so please add $200 onto your appointment of choice.

Payment is due immediately upon arrival. You are welcome to enclose it within an envelope or card, but please know that it is not necessary.

The Fine Print: A 10% deposit is required on all dates that are 3 hours or longer.  I prefer Cash App.

In regards to dinner dates...I am vegan, however, don't let that fool you.  I love going out to dinner, and I know how to navigate most any menu in order to accommodate my dietary preference.


* Has impeccable hygiene. Please always be freshly showered, shaved, teeth brushed, and use mouthwash.  

* Is a non-smokers. If you do smoke, please have the courtesy to not smoke prior to our visit or in your room.

* Believes an intellectual connection is as important as the physical.

* Is kind and courteous towards others.

* Always values out time together.

* Is respectful, and understands that I am a professional & my work is valid. 


* Communicates in acronyms & menu requests. 

* Is critical & too busy mentally critiquing our date to be present.

* Is noncommittal when scheduling, or desires to remain ano


Consideration & Compatibility


So you've decided you want to meet?  I've got butterflies already.

I find forms to be impersonal, so your direct email will be given the utmost priority and discretion. I respond to all correspondence personally.

I expect a considerate and respectful approach when inquiring about a booking with me. It is important that I feel safe and comfortable prior to meeting in order to provide an optimal experience. 

In order to make the screening process more easy & fluid, you have three different options. Provider references, employment, or a third party verification service, so please choose whichever is the most comfortable.

 Please email the following to:


* Full Name

* Age

* Telephone Number

* Requested Date

* Requested Time

* Length Of Appointment

* Where You Found Me

* One Of The Following: 


 * !)  Provider Reference Contact Information


 * 2) Employment Verification


* 3) Third Party Verification 

* Finally, Please Tell Me A Little About Yourself, Personal Interests Or Hobbies.

If anything is unclear or you have a quick question, feel free to email me.  

**/// Please do your very best to be thorough, keeping in mind that incomplete information won't be taken seriously or warrant a response ///**


1) Provider references, the term provider is a synonym for escort.  References should be recent, please include her name and website address.  Ideally, at least two references are preferred.

2) Employment verification, please send your company website if it clearly lists your personal details and photo.

I also accept LinkedIn profile, it should have your photo and full information.  Please send the actual link, not a  partial screenshot.

Any online presence, for example social media, profile article, or news coverage.

3) I accept third party verification through memberships with either P411 or RS2K.



Phone: 702-496-1303

Twitter: @SultryKayla11